Write the reality, live the fantasy

Where the boundaries of reality and imagination merge.



They say 'a picture paints a

thousand words', but a

 single word can create the most

vivid of images.

In 1991 I was handed a blunt pencil and left alone.  I searched for something to do, fingering the pencil in passing thought.  It seemed like ages before I realised they had left me with a great tool.  Slowly I took my first tentative steps into my imagination.  It was a strange place, full of colourful ideas and concepts I was too young to understand.  Panicking, I stepped out again.  Before me was a story.  Large printed handwriting did not do justice to what I had seen.

I would step into this world only occasionly in the years that followed, each time making a hasty retreat, but each time discovering something new.

Then on the 11th January 1999 at about 10:40 in the morning, I opened the door to the world of writing and stepped through.  But this time I have not returned from this world, instead I have delved deeper and wandered further until at last I forgot where the door was and I was bound to the world of writing.