Write the reality, live the fantasy

Where the boundaries of reality and imagination merge.

Behind the pen

The ideas and images flow down my arm, through my fingers and out through the blue ink in my pen in the form of words.  These cluster together in sentences, paragraphs and ultimately the finished piece.  At some point (most likely the very beginning) during that process there is a moment of absolute clarity that I won't ever get again in exactly the same way.  This moment of clarity reveals the finished piece and that which I will strive for as I write.  It normally takes the view of a scene, images formed in my head, that are not necessarily the same as the real scene around me - a split second view of my world.  And now I can begin to write.

If I'm writing a story, I feel as if I am in that world.  I can see the people, the buildings and the places.  I smell the scents in the air and feel the ground.  The voices and sounds of everyday life are all around me.  I become a part of that world and though I may be moving and interacting in the real world, I am in my world.

But if I'm writing poetry, I feel as if I am seeing the real world under a microscope.  I see every tiny detail and hear every sound.  Smell and touch feel enhanced and I will frequently touch a lightly textured surfaced and run my fingers across it and feel all the grains.

I move with ease between my world and my highly detailed perception of the real world.  The boundaries become irrelevant after a while and it is possible to be in both worlds simultaneously.

When I'm not writing

Sometimes though, there is no choice but to be fully in real world.  I work full time as a CAD Operator (though it is often questionable which world I am in at this point and I am more likely to be in both worlds simultaneously.  The only time I am completely in the real world is through sport.  I can't ever stop doing sport.  I play sport everyday and would do it all day if it was an option, only stopping to pick up a pen in the later hours of the day or whilst it is peaceful and quiet during the early hours of the morning.  But once the sport is over, I am in both worlds again.